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Precision, Flexibility, and Power
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Mezco Fabrication specializes in providing top-notch plate cutting services using the latest technology. We offer laser cutting, water jet cutting, and plasma cutting to meet a wide range of industrial and manufacturing needs.

Laser Cutting: Precision and Detail

Our laser cutting services deliver unparalleled precision, making it perfect for intricate designs and tight tolerances. With our state-of-the-art laser equipment, we can cut through an assortment of material types and thicknesses. Whether you need custom components, plates or fine cuts, our laser cutting solutions ensure a clean and accurate cut.

  • Ideal for: An assortment of material types and thicknesses including but not limited to Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Benefits: High precision, clean cuts, minimal waste
  • Applications: Prototyping, custom fabrication, intricate designs, etc.

Water Jet Cutting: Versatility and Strength

Water jet cutting uses a high-pressure stream of water, sometimes mixed with abrasives, to cut through a variety of materials. This method is highly versatile, allowing us to work with metals, plastics, stone and more without causing heat damage. Water jet cutting is perfect for applications that require precision without the risk of heat-affected zones.

  • Ideal for: Metals, plastics, stone and more
  • Benefits: No heat-affected zones, cuts thicker materials
  • Applications: Intricate designs, material flexibility, a wide range of material thicknesses

Plasma Cutting: Power and Efficiency

Our plasma cutting services are designed for heavy-duty applications, using electrically conductive gas to cut through thicker metal plates. This method is faster than others, making it ideal for larger projects and industrial applications. Plasma cutting is perfect for construction, automotive, and metal fabrication needs.

  • Ideal for: Thicker metal plates
  • Benefits: Fast cutting, high efficiency, suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • Applications: Construction, automotive, metal fabrication, large projects